Professional Associates

*Naturopath (herbal and nutritional medicine)
*Massage therapist
*Raw food chef

Beatrice has had a keen interest in natural health for most of her adult life.

She is a qualified naturopath of many years focusing on aiding people to lead healthy, balanced and fulfilled lives through natural means.  She worked as the naturopath at the local Maleny chemist. Though diet is key to this objective, other factors that are important include having good stress coping mechanisms, adequate rest, and exercise. The connection between food and mood is very significant and it’s easy to see how if one doesn’t feel good physically (due to inadequate nutrition) that can adversely affect ones mental state. The MIND/GUT connection and interplay is an integral part of any overall health strategy.

She supports:

Keto, LCHF, Atkins, Paleo and Dukan as a way of healthy eating.

Margarete Koenning


Gestalt Therapy and Family Constellation Training and Facilitation

“The essence of my work is to find a “place where we can meet with love. From this place, change can happen. Curiousity and respect are the two most powerful tools I have…”

Margarete Koenning, born in Colombia and raised in Germany, lives and works in Maleny, Queensland, Australia. Her passion is the modality of Family Constellation work for which she received training in Germany in the late 1990’s. She frequently runs Family & Systemic Constellation Workshops in Maleny and other areas of Australia and Europe.