Class 101

Breathing into Safety


Welcome to Class 101 – Breathing


A bridging practice for those who need or want to reinvent there starting point.

It’s not just a class, it’s a journey back to basics,

a rebirth of awareness and balance from the ground up.

Built upon the fundamental principles of simplicity, grace, and connection.


Our three-tier program invites you to explore the magic of the mundane.


Have a sit – The Art of Support
We begin from a place of rest and reflection. Sit, breathe, and immerse yourself in the present moment. Learn how to nurture awareness, focus, emotions, talents, dance, your breath and acknowledgement of all that is you, while promoting a sense of support that will ground you as you embark on your journey.


Just standing – The Essence of Balance
Next, stand tall and firm, find your center. Discover balance within you and around you, connect with your core, and stand proud. This step teaches you the importance of balance, and how to establish it in all aspects of life.


Great walk – The Power of Expression
Finally, we take a step forward – a great walk. The walk isn’t just about moving, but expressing oneself through motion. Uncover the beauty of progression and movement as you stride forward, expressing your individuality with each step.



Each tier enhances your understanding of breath, balance, and awareness training, building a strong, interconnected framework that is both personal (MY) and collective (Ours).


This approach encourages feedback and forward momentum, embodying the notion of

‘Feet-forward & Feed-back in One Breath’




– A Journey from Me to You to Ours.


Class 101 is simple, magical, adventurous, and infinite.

Embark on a journey of rediscovery,

taking steps towards a connected, balanced, and a true mindful lifestyle.


Class 101

– is a series of classes that lets you build safety within one’s own body and mind.

   From where you’re at.